Tuesday, December 29, 2009

it's too late to blog

I keep telling myself I'm going to blog during the day. But then I'm knitting or weaving or napping or something, and then it's 11:00 at night, and I think "it's too late to blog now. I'll blog during the day tomorrow. That will be better." Today I was even going to blog, but I couldn't find the cord to connect my camera to my computer, so I couldn't share any fun pictures here. Boring.

Now I have found the camera cord, and loaded some pictures, but it's too darn late, and my sister's dogs are waiting for me to come to bed. So here's one fun picture.

This was a week ago. I criticized Evan's choice of socks. He just replied: "It's Christmas."

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


For my blog entry today, I'm writing about a cool shop: http://mkfd.etsy.com.

Lilly makes a wide variety of jewelry items, as well as some adorable 3-dimensional beaded animals. (You'll see one below). I appreciate that her work is affordably priced.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from her shop.

Goldstone Wire Wrap neclace

I am a big fan of the Goldstone Wire Wrap neclace. The pendant is glass infused with flecks of copper that sparkle. The chain isn't simple, either, but is adorned with smaller beads. This piece looks simultaneously elegant and rustic.

Sushi earrings

Now these earrings are fun. Made with clay, they would be a cute accent to make people look again and say "oh, you really do have sushi in your ears." I love sushi.

Blue Abyss Neclace

This is an elegant charm on a variable length chain. It also strikes me as being distinctly feminine. And it looks flexible -- you could wear this with casual attire, or use it to dress up for a formal event.

Swarovski Crystal Penguin

I could not review this shop without including this penguin! He's a very cleverly constructed little fella. At about one-and-a-half inches tall (cute!), you can wear him as a pendant, hang him as an ornament, or let him stand on his own.

So there ya go. If you're in the market for Swarovski Crystal Earrings and Unique 3D Gifts, click the link. :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


This momentous occasion marks a dramatic shift in my blogging activity. I am leaving my old blog to come hang out here, and the scenery is pretty nice, especially since I copied all my old blogging content. :)

Also, since it's the 22nd, it's another month anniversary for Evan and me. Let's see, counting... 12 + 10 = 22 months! Ha, 22 months on the 22nd! Does that make this our golden anniversary?

I'm too punchy to post. I should stop typing before I embarrass myself (further).

Monday, December 21, 2009

end of the marathon

I am pleased to report that I finished and mailed off the marathon sweater! I'm very proud of my work on this one. It is really quite soft, especially after the second blocking. It took me about 80 hours, I think, not counting the three times I frogged and re-knit the left sleeve, or the frogging and re-knitting of the collar, which came out too tight the first time. I find it promising that Evan loved the sweater, too. He said that he would be thrilled if I made him a sweater half as good.

I've also been spinning a bunch of awesome looking fiber I got from the Village Yarn and Fiber Shop in East Rochester. I meant to go there on my birthday, but there was a nasty snowstorm, so my trip got postponed until the following Tuesday. I think the roving is a blend something from the Fingerlakes region, but it's not labeled, so I forgot. (Edited to add: The website says the fiber comes from Spinners Hill and their fiber is Corriedale, Finn, Rambouillet Cross.)

I love the colors! So visually stimulating! As I'm plying, I'm trying to maximize contrast. And the yarn is quite soft, too. But I'm having trouble deciding what to make with it. Any ideas? Scarf? Hat? Mittens? Something not wearable? Something that has never been made before?

Seriously, I have a grand total of ZERO comments right now. I would love it if someone would pipe up and cast a vote for the fate of this yarn. Or anything else. :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

purchases for prayer shawls

I recently heard that the church in what I still consider my home town has run out of prayer shawls! I want to help, but I need a push to actually get down to the store and buy the yarn so I can start knitting.

So: For every item I sell between now and January 1, 2010, I will purchase one skein of yarn for a prayer shawl. (Each prayer shawl generally consumes 3 skeins.)

I invite you to visit my shop and consider supporting the prayer shawl ministry which brings warmth and comfort to those who need it.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Birthday Recap

All right, Rochester, you win. I said "I like snow," and you buried me in it.

My birthday went slightly differently from what I'd planned. Evan and I had a late dinner instead of an early dinner, with him driving his jeep in the narsty weather and the even narstier traffic. He gave me nice presents, wrapped furoshiki-style, per my request. I've decided I will wrap all my presents this way, because the wrapping is reusable, and totally gorgeous, I think.

I did not get to visit the yarn shop, and I canceled dessert with my brother, because the weather was so oppressive. But I did get a bunch of crafting done. My birthday marks the transition into Christmas, in my mind. I know Advent began a while back, but until my birthday has passed, I can't get into it.

To facilitate getting into it, I made my own version of AddieBugs seasonal fabric banners. They look so festive. Here's mine:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's my birthday!

Yay, it's my birthday. I'm 26. I'm not old enough to hate birthdays, yet, so I still like 'em.

And it's snowing! This is why I love Rochester: it actually snows on my birthday (a wish I've long had.) Last year was the first time I saw it. I was taking Human Structure and Function at the time, and we had a long dissection that day in the anatomy labs, and my lab had lots of windows, so I got a great view of the falling snow.
For today, the snow had already fallen when I woke up. And we've got a 50% chance of more snow later this afternoon. Score.

Looking forward to a pleasant evening. First: Evan's taking me out to dinner at a fun restaurant. Second: Mom got me a gift certificate at a local yarn shop, which happens to have knitalongs on Thursday nights, so I'll go there for some fibery bliss. Third: When Jonny gets out of his drum lesson tonight, he'll take me to a fancy dessert, and bring his girlfriend along, so I'll get the chance to get to know her better.

Things are looking pretty nice. :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

high altitude hat

This is a hat I knit way back when. And this is my brother wearing that long-lost hat at 14,000 feet on Mt. Yale in Colorado. How awesome is that?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving recap

I did something completely out of my comfort zone this Thanksgiving. Well, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Mom offered to sign us up for ziplining. I bit my lip and said "sure."

Here are Jonny, Dad, and Evan in their harnesses.

Here we are on one of the platforms. Check out how the trees are swaying! Of course our platform was swaying, too.

There were suspension bridges, too. Here are views from up high and down low to give you perspective:

I went down the last zipline with camera in hand: