Friday, September 16, 2011

Another craft?

I may be in trouble.  See what I've done:
See Jude supervising in the background.
 I've exposed myself to a new craft.  I ordered a basketweaving kit from these people, and I've already woven one, with four more to go in the kit.
Jude takes credit for the basket.
I don't think I have the storage space in my teeny craft room for any more craft supplies.

I actually may not be in too great danger of getting addicted to basket weaving, though.  The way I think of it (and science-nerd-types will get this) is that the activation energy of basket weaving is too high.  You have to soak the reed for 20 minutes before you can even begin, not to mention all the measuring and cutting.  But mostly it's the soaking.  With knitting, I can just pick it up and start making stitches, no soaking required.  Still, I'm happy to know how to weave baskets, and where to get materials.  Because I love baskets.  I might even have a fetish.  And they're so darn expensive.  Way cheaper to make my own. :)