Wednesday, December 23, 2009


For my blog entry today, I'm writing about a cool shop:

Lilly makes a wide variety of jewelry items, as well as some adorable 3-dimensional beaded animals. (You'll see one below). I appreciate that her work is affordably priced.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from her shop.

Goldstone Wire Wrap neclace

I am a big fan of the Goldstone Wire Wrap neclace. The pendant is glass infused with flecks of copper that sparkle. The chain isn't simple, either, but is adorned with smaller beads. This piece looks simultaneously elegant and rustic.

Sushi earrings

Now these earrings are fun. Made with clay, they would be a cute accent to make people look again and say "oh, you really do have sushi in your ears." I love sushi.

Blue Abyss Neclace

This is an elegant charm on a variable length chain. It also strikes me as being distinctly feminine. And it looks flexible -- you could wear this with casual attire, or use it to dress up for a formal event.

Swarovski Crystal Penguin

I could not review this shop without including this penguin! He's a very cleverly constructed little fella. At about one-and-a-half inches tall (cute!), you can wear him as a pendant, hang him as an ornament, or let him stand on his own.

So there ya go. If you're in the market for Swarovski Crystal Earrings and Unique 3D Gifts, click the link. :)

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this shop! Happy holidays! :)