Thursday, September 30, 2010


A couple weeks ago, Evan and I agreed to cat-sit for a friend of Evan's while the friend's roommate (the cat owner) went to CA to scope out new living accomodations that may or may not allow cats. Jude took an immediate interest in Cleo, always approaching an sniffing and wanting to play. For the first day (and night) Cleo would consistently respond with hisses and growls.

It took Cleo a mere 48 hours or so to warm up to Jude, though, and the two became absolute buds, playing, chasing, wrestling, grooming, and cuddling.

About 2 weeks ago, Cleo's owner returned to claim his cat. Thereafter, Jude was especially needy, cudding extra hard at bed time and crying piteously when we had to leave for work. Evan and I resolved that we would act fast on our plan to get another cat. Evan was careful to emphasize that we were not getting a cat for Jude, but for ourselves.

On Sunday we went to Lollypop Farm, the local Humane Society shelter. The wait time for adoptions was 2 hours, which says something about how many people want to adopt pets, which rocks.

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