Thursday, August 25, 2011

Garden Pizza

For the last week, I've had the cold that just won't die.  (Or rather, the cold that psyches you into thinking it died right away, but returns with a vengeance over the weekend.)  But on Sunday night, Evan and I did something fun.  Before the rain came pouring down, we went out to our humble little overgrown, horribly tangled garden and picked our first eggplant.

Half of it we breaded and fried and ate in strips dipped in tomato sauce.

The other half we chopped into little cubes and put on a pizza, along with our first garden green pepper, and a couple of our twenty-bazillion garden little tomatoes.  (Also cheese, onions, and pepperoni from the grocery store.)

Evan and I felt so proud to be cooking and eating food with stuff we had grown ourselves!  We've got more little (and big) tomatoes coming in all the time, and some really legit-looking peppers, and some more flowers on the eggplant plant, so looks like there will be some more garden pizzas in the future.

For now, I think my cold is dying its second death, and it looks like Evan is finally beginning to catch it.

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